FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

How To Join, Log In, Start Shopping:

We now have a much more streamlined path to join and gain access to purchasing these great products at amazing prices and free 2-day shipping included with every order! Here is the current process for subscribing to Our Curl Club and then how to log in (which will only open for just a bit longer):
  1. Visit this page to join. (Use your full name and correct email please): https://secure.ourcurlclub.com/sales-vidknllvu07 
  2. Once you join, you will receive an email from support@ourcurlclub.com with some additional details.
  3. In the top of ourcurlclub.com, in the website navigation, there is a direct link to the account login page -- a little person icon (I will directly link it here for convenience). Use only the email you provided as you will need it to receive a unique 6-digit code for verification: https://account.ourcurlclub.com
  4. once logged in, navigate back to https://ourcurlclub.com and start shopping!


If you follow these steps and are STILL having issues, please use the contact form and we will investigate and solve your issue as soon as we get it!

Why do you disable adding to cart?

We disable the add to cart button to the public only. As this is a private club, we only want Our Curl Club members to be able to purchase these products at these deeply discounted prices and Free 2-Day Shipping!

This means that if you don't see the add-to-cart button, that means you are not logged into an account that has an active membership. If you haven't purchased one yet, you will need to do that first before you can add to cart.

I was one of the Pre-Launch members, where can I see a list of my Bonuses?

If you are a pre-launch member, you can see a list of all your bonuses here. If you are not a pre-launch member, this link will NOT be visible to you.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes! There is a minimum of 2 items per cart, which allows for us to pack each shipping box to an acceptable level that would make it efficient for us to provide free 2-day shipping on each order.

2-day shipping is expensive! The only way we figured it to make sense is if we ship out a minimum of 2 items in every order.